Water Flosser

$69.99 $140

Do you want to eliminate expensive visits to the dentist

Sick of getting cavities and decay because you forget to floss your teeth everyday? 

Flossing your teeth takes a lot of time, and usually after a long day, the last thing you feel like doing is spending 10 minutes cleaning your teeth the traditional way. 

We have made life simple and easy for you with our ALL NEW Water Flosser!

Flossing has never been easier - Braces, crowns, fillings, sensitive teeth and gums? Our Water Flosser has you covered from tooth to tooth!

Designed with simplicity and convenience in mind, Our water Flosser will give your teeth the deepest clean to keep your teeth feeling sparkling clean after each use. 

Our Water Flosser will remove all plaque and calcium from in between your teeth, preventing any bad breath, gingivitis, calcium build up and plaque. It will leave your teeth looking ultra WHITE & Fresh!

Most importantly our water flosser will prevent any future fillings, and will keep your teeth so hygienically clean and WHITE!


How does it work?

Our Electric Water Flosser works by using a high pressure water pulse technique, with a 360°rotating nozzle, cleaning those hard to reach places. Our Cordless water flosser is so powerful that it will remove 99.99% of food debris and plaque in every crevice. 

The Water Flosser is rechargeable, and has a 30 day battery life, making it super easy and convenient for holidays and also just being at home. 

Our Water Flosser has different modes to meet your oral needs. 

Simply fill your flosser with water, and turn on the mode you desire, and enjoy the deep clean!

About Our Products & The Benefits 

✔️ Prevent Gum Disease & Tartar Buildup 

✔️ Prevent Bacteria 

✔️ Keep your Teeth & Gums Healthy & Clean 

✔️ Eliminate Plaque 

✔️ Perfect For Cleaning Around Braces 

✔️ Easier Than Using Dental Floss 

✔️ Nicer on your Teeth & Gums Than Traditional Flossing 

✔️ Portable With a Long Battery Life 

✔️ Rechargeable Via USB 

✔️ Attractive Smile 

✔️ Fewer Trips to the Dentist!

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