Makeup Brush Cleaner

$64.99 $90

Are you still washing your makeup brushes by hand?

Worried about damaging your brushes by being too rough when cleaning?

Our Makeup Brush Cleaner deeply cleans your brushes effortlessly and gently, protecting your precious brushes from any damage. 

Clean Brushes = Healthy Clean Skin 

Did you know that dirty make up brushes can cause acne, skin rashes, clogged pores, and heavy metal build up?

Unclean sponges and makeup brushes can also affect the way our makeup looks. When we use dirty beauty tools, the build-up of bacteria and oil can affect the texture and finish of our makeup. This can make our foundation appear cakey, our eyeshadow appear patchy, and our blush appear uneven. 

 Suitable For All Styles & Types Of Brushes & Sponges

Our Makeup Brush Cleaner is perfect for your whole brush set and even your sponges. We recommend cleaning your brushes for 1 Minute. For brushes with alot of build up we recommend cleaning for a second cycle. You can even clean multiple brushes at once. Just rinse with water after!

Cleaning Your Makeup Brush Cleaner

The Makeup Brush Cleaner comes with a removable silicone tray which is perfect and easy to empty into the sink once your brushes are clean. Just rinse and wash out the silicone tray and air dry. 

The Amazing Benefits 

💗 Quick & Easy - Effortless Cleaning in just 1 Minute

💗 Hygienic - Keeps Your Makeup Brushes Clean Preventing any Bacteria Build Up

💗 Perfect For Your Skin - Prevents Acne, Pimples, Clogged Pores & Skin Rashes

💗 Time Saver - Saves you Hours of Hand Cleaning Time

💗 No More Sore Hands Necessary

💗 Portable & Compact - Fits Inside Your Makeup Bag

💗 Shipped From Australia

Loved By 12,500+ Aussies

Our Makeup Brush Cleaner is loved by thousands of happy customers around Australia.

Treat yourself today, with our 40% OFF SALE  and find out what everyone is raving about! 

With our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, what do you have to lose? Order yours today Risk-Free! 

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