Magical Handwriting Books (4 Pack + Pen Set)

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Our Magic Handwriting Books are the perfect way for your child to practise their handwriting skills and enhance their cognitive development in as little as a week. 

Your child's handwriting, math, motor skills and overall learning capabilities can be greatly improved by using our books for just a few minutes a day.

The best part is - KIDS LOVE THEM!

📚 Encourages Children To Learn in a Fun Way
✍️ Easily Trace & Follow The Magical Grooves In The Books
📝 Reusable Books With Disappearing Ink
💕 Loved By 12,500+ Aussie Families

Learning in a fun and interactive way will help your child progress in leaps and bounds and will have them ahead of their peers in no time.

As Parents, it’s our job to make sure our children are provided with the appropriate tools & opportunities to learn and thrive in their environment. 

Our 4- book series is the perfect way to engage your child in a fun learning activity everyday and to practise maths, handwriting, motor skills, drawing and visual skills that they will need in everyday life. 

Reusable Within 10 Minutes

Our 4-set pack of Magical Handwriting Books comes with a pen, 5 magic ink refills & a pen grip retainer. By using the grip, it helps teach the correct pincer grip from an early age, leaving no confusion for your child. 

The magic ink will disappear in ten minutes after writing, and then you’ll be abe to start over again if you are up for a challenge!

Who Are The Magical Handwriting Books For?

✔️ Toddlers & Preschoolers

✔️ Homeschoolers

✔️ Children Who Are Struggling With Handwriting

✔️ Children Who Are Struggling With Pincer Grip Or Fine Motor Development 

✔️ Children With Autism

✔️ Tutors

✔️ Occupational Therapists 

✔️ Over 150 Schools Across Australia Are Using Our Books


✔️ Cognitive Skills & Development 

✔️ Mathematics & Numeracy 

✔️ Learn The Alphabet

✔️ Reading & Spelling Skills

✔️ Ability To Recall & Remember Information

✔️ Correct Pen Grip

✔️ Single Letter Formation

✔️ Visual Motor Skills

✔️ Ability To Draw Pictures & Shapes

We need handwriting skills to do many tasks later in life like writing birthday cards, filling in forms and signing important documents.



Loved By 12,500+ Families

Our Magical Handwriting Books are loved by thousands of children & their parents around Australia.

We are so confident that your child will love them that we offer a 14 day Money back Guarantee! If you don’t love them, then you get your money back no questions asked!

 With our 40% OFF SALE  why not find out what everyone is raving about! 

Join over 12,500+ families who have had their lives changed by our Magical Book-Sets.

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