Lumbar Traction Device

$199.99 $290

Our All New Lumbar Traction Device is an innovative at home therapy massage to relieve all of your lower back pain and aches. Our device incorporates various clinically proven therapies such as 

1. Magnetic Therapy 

2. Rhythmic Dynamic Traction

3. Red Light Therapy 

4. Electric Pulse Therapy 

5. Multi-Frequency Vibration 

6. Magnetic Therapy 


Everyone suffers some lower back pain in their lifetime, whether it be from an injury, heavy workload, carrying babies, sitting too long at a desk or even just from poor posture.

We designed Our Lumbar Traction Device with all of this in mind, and were able to bring you the BEST lower back treatment in Australia. 

Benefits of Lumbar Traction Device 

✔️ Relieves lower back pain in just 10 minutes 

✔️ Gently pushes the lumbar spine up and down to stretch and decompress the 

intervertebral discs

✔️ Helps to relieve Sciatica pain

✔️ Softly Moves the vertebrae continuously to help promote posture correction

✔️  Releases neurotransmitters, such as endorphins, at nerve endings to block pain signals

✔️ Assists herniated & bulging discs 

✔️  Easy to use & portable

✔️ Improves strength & reduces muscle pain

Dynamic Spinal Traction Therapy

Our Lumbar Traction Device uses decompression therapy to relieve pressure on the spine and restore the natural curvature of the spine. It also enables your back muscles to relax reducing tension and tightness around the spine, helping to increase your range of motion. 

Full Body EMS Massage Therapy 

Our Lumbar Traction Device comes with Electrode Massage Pads which can be used to massage any part of your body, offering direct stimulation to the taregeted muscles, relieveing tension and stiff muscles. 

Adjustable Heat Control 

With 3 adjustable heat settings to select from, you can adjust the temperature to suit your preference. The adjusted heat helps to promote blood circulation, decrease stiffnessand releieve muscle aches and pains. 

Low Frequency Pulse Electrotherapy 

Our Lumbar Traction Device uses Low frequency electrotherapy which helps to promote blood flow to the spine, and helps to speed up healing and recovery time. 

Red Light Therapy 

Our red light works by activating deep tissue therapy, allowing for faster and more effective pain relief. 

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