Portable Tyre Inflator

$109.99 $200

Australia’s Highest Rated Electric Tyre Inflator!

Inflate Tyres Anytime, Anywhere!

With our #1 Rated Electric Tyre Inflator you will no Longer have to worry about air pressure!

Introducing the Lightweight & Compact Universal Electric Tyre Inflator - the perfect strong air compressor to inflate your tyres INSTANTLY!

This tyre inflator comes with a 2000mAh battery, which can inflate up to 5 car tyres when fully charged! 

It also contains 4 FREE different nozzles, a 0.5m tube, and a USB Type-C charging cable, which ensures that your vehicle’s tyres never run out of air while on the go!

Why You Need An Electric Tyre Inflator 

✅ Feel safe knowing you always have a way to pump up your tyres in an emergency 

✅ No need to search for a service station to pump up your tyres

✅ Perfect for 4WDing if you have to let your tyres down in the sand

✅ Keep your loved ones safe by having the correct tyre pressure


SUPER-BENEFITS Which You won't be able to find in Any Other Tyre Inflator:

✔️ Takes Only 2-3 Minutes To Inflate a Tyre!

✔️ Can Inflate Up To 5 Tyres When Fully Charged

✔️ Lightweight - Easy To Carry

✔️ Comes With 4 Different Types Of Nozzles!

✔️ Extremely Easy To Use

✔️ Compact - Can Be Stored Anywhere!

✔️ Has 4 Different Inflating Modes - For Cars, Bikes, Bicycles & Balls! 

✔️ Built-in LED Flashlight - Helpful in Dark Places

✔️ Time Saver & Efficient

✔️ USB Rechargable

✔️ Australian Owned & Shipped From Australia

✔️ 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - Try Risk-Free For 30 days!


If you are tired of having to go to the service station to pump up tyres, or if you are someone who:

👉 Owns a car or 4wd

👉 Is a motorcycle/bike/bicycle rider

👉 Owns large vehicles such as an RV or a truck

👉 Is an outdoor enthusiast

👉 Travels frequently

Then this compact, powerful & convenient Electric pump is a MUST have for your next adventure!

Trusted By 12,500+ Australians

Our Universal Electric Tyre Inflator is loved by thousands of people around Australia.

treat yourself today, with our 40% OFF SALE  and find out what everyone is raving about! 

Join over 12,500+ Australians who have had their lives changed by our Universal Electric Tyre Inflator!

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