The Ballbag Groomer

$79.99 $139.99

Are you tired of trying to shave your nutbags and nicking them?

We have created the Best Ball Trimmer known to man kind.

The ultimate Mens Groin And Body Hair Groomer that has been carefully designed for your balls, butt and body!

No man wants wants to be in pain when shaving downstairs that's why we offer a solution you can trust - confidence guaranteed!

Make nicks, cuts and snags a thing of the past with the best Ballbag Groomer in Australia. 

Lets be honest, most women prefer their men manscaped - I'm sure most men prefer to look and feel well groomed too!

Whether it's your pecs, your abs or your manhood, a groomed body looks cleaner, younger, more toned and better defined - fact!

With our Groomer, you can literally do every part of your body leaving your skin looking and feeling fresh and clean!

Waterproof - Trimming in the shower is easy and can create less mess. Comfortably operate The Ballbag Groomer in wet or dry conditions.

Extremely Quiet - Minimal vibration and operating noise so you no longer have to worry about interruptions.

Adjustable Guide Comb - reducing the risk of nicks, cuts and unwanted skin irritation.

Premium Engineered Ceramic Blades - Features rust-resistant, hygienic and sharp premium ceramic blades manufactured with ultra-sensitive shaving technology.

LED Lighting - Provides illumination for a thorough and clean trim. 


Your nuts are important to us! 🥜

Thats why we created the most sophisticated yet powerful Groomer designed for hard-to-reach areas or sensitive areas to give you a perfectly even trim, helping you stay manly, neat and clean and protect your most precious possessions.

Try it today - Risk Free (Literally) 

14 day money back guaranteed - Your nuts are in safe hands!


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