Blessed Auto Hair Curler

$109.99 $183

Tired of not being able to curl your own hair properly? 

Do you wish you could curl your hair with ease and have your curls looking fabulous?

We have the perfect solution for you...

Our ALL NEW Beyond Blessed Auto Hair Curler!

This amazing curler is guaranteed to give you perfect girls that last ALL DAY LONG!

With state of the art technology we've made this unique curler to suit all hair types and provide you with a quick and easy tool to make you feel BEAUTIFUL!

It's SO easy, you'll have your hair curled in no time - with Zero effort!


Say goodbye to awkwardly trying to curl your own hair & accidentally burning your skin 

✔️ Cordless & USB-rechargeable
✔️ Safe with our ‘clamp-free’ technology
✔️ Lightweight & Portable
✔️ Easy left and right curl options
✔️ Ceramic coated barrel
✔️ Temperature adjustable

How To Use

It is recommended to let your curler charge overnight once you receive it, to make sure it is completely charged before the first use

 💜 Turn your Blessed Auto Curler on, by holding the power button in for 2 seconds.

 💜 Once your curler is on, using the bottom buttons - select the desired temperature, the direction of which way you’d like your hair to curl and put the timer on.

 💜 Your curler will start to heat up, once it is ready for use, it will signal a beep.

 💜 Section off your hair, put it in the curling chamber and press start. Once your curler beeps, release the hair.

 💜 Curl all of your hair and then brush through for the perfect finish!

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