Mozzie Slayer

$49.99 $89.99

Are you sick of being eaten alive by mosquitoes?

Are you tired of being itchy, scratching through the night and having bites all over you?

What about the awful diseases and illness' that mosquitoes carry?

Don't worry, we finally have the perfect answer for you and your family

A safer, more hygienic home and environment for you and your family to enjoy without the bother of germ carrying, annoying mosquitoes. 


Meet our ALL NEW Aussie Mozzie Slayer

Our Mozzie Slayer has been a god send for 10,000+ families who have rid their homes and entertaining areas of Mosquitoes. 

Don't you want to sit outside and relax without being bothered by mozzies? Sounds like pure bliss to us!


Thousands of cases of Malaria, Dengue Fever & Ross River Fever are being reported each year. These are very serious life long diseases and can be quite costly and painful.
Our amazing device is designed to provide peace of mind while preventing nasty illnesses from these germ ridden mosquitoes. 


5 Star Customer Rating 

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We are so confident that you will love our products, we offer a 30 day money back guaranteed. (subject to conditions)


How does it work?
The Mozzie Slayer works by using UV light to attract mosquitoes, flies and bugs  then killing them on the spot. 
It works as a UV light magnet for all types of mosquitoes, sandflies, midges & even flies. 
The UV wave length works at a 360 degree angle so that it can work to its full potential. 
The Mozzie Slayer contains no chemicals is super easy to clean & can be charged via any USB port.  Your Mozzie Slayer will have enough charge to Kill those nasty Mozzies for a full day/night. 
Our Mozzie Slayer is as quiet as a mouse and super easy to clean. It can be taken anywhere, whether it be camping, the park, the beach, or anywhere else outdoors. 

Our Mozzie Slayer is Rechargeable - with built-in battery 2000mAh:
It can be used through USB connection, AND can be used wireless via the battery after being fully charged. Comes with switch and a night light function.


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